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2005 Vigil

With deepest regrets and a heavy heart, I need to post that Lorne has been RECOVERED!  On April 14th, 2006, a gentleman walking in a wooded area, near Interstate 93 in Concord, NH, came across Lorne's skeletal remains.

I want to thank everyone for all of the love, concern, prayers, e-mails, and support that we have received during the past 4+ years.


This link will take you to a page, dedicated to Lorne, from the family of Missing Brandy Hanna ~*~*~

This site is intended for information, support, awareness and exposure to bring Lorne home!

 Lorne featured in the Boston Globe    view "update" page for article

PLEASE view these clips from the show USA MissingThese links were sent to us from the husband of missing Patricia Viola.  THANK YOU, JIM, for keeping an eye out for Lorne.  Hugs to you and the kids...

Lorne was featured on Larry King Live!

This is our "first" NATIONAL coverage!

Special thanks to Monica and the CUE Center!


Lorne has been featured on the hood of a NASCAR Elite Division, Southwest Series "RACE CAR"! 

To read the Press Release, Please visit the UPDATE page. 

Please view these video clips created by Jim Viola.  Jim's wife, Pat, has been missing from Bogota, NJ since February 13, 2001.

Lorne's Video:                                    

Pat's Video:   

To Download Window's Media Player...


PLEASE visit this link:

This is yet another great idea thought of by Kelly Jolkowski, mother of Missing Jason Jolkowski, and Project Jason.  She does a wonderful job at covering all avenues in order to get the Missing out there.  Our hats are off to you Kelly and all of Project Jason!        Please check out this link as this BLOG is on Lorne!  Many Thanks, once again, to Project Jason and Kelly Jolkowski!  Your help is greatly appreciated.


Please visit this link and sign this petition.  Audrey Nerenberg suffers from Schizophrenia and has been missing since 1977.  The Petition would help those that are missing with a mental illness regardless of age.

H.R. 4162 The Audrey Nerenberg Act:




We have RECOVERED Lorne.....

Please join Lorne's Message Board!  Created by Jill with Angel Garden of Hope and Moderated by Louise with FindLorne.

The 2 links below are for 2 different Blogs created for Lorne.  Please visit them and post your comments.


What were the circumstances.....?

Lorne Boulet was missing from Chichester, NH.  He was a loving young man, living with Schizophrenia.  On July 29, 2001, Lorne left for a walk, around 5:30 PM and never returned home.  He was not carrying any identification, cell phone, wallet, nor money.  These are things that he always had with him.

Lorne was a 5'10", 220 pound, white male.  He had a small scar over each eye brow and one in the center of his forehead.  He was missing his top, left, front tooth, his left ear is pierced, and he had a partial tribal ban tattoo on his right bicep.

Check out the "photo page" as it has many different photo's of Lorne as well as the UP-DATE page.  A lot of help has been given in the efforts to find Lorne.        We thank everyone for all of the support, prayers, and love that we have received.


About Lorne!!

Lorne was a very caring young man.  He had been a great friend to my sons and also a wonderful role model.  They all looked up to him and were always able to talk to him.  He would take them trick-or-treating, to the amusement park, arcades, swimming, snowboarding, and more.  He taught them a lot, was a great friend, and showed them unconditional love; they did the same for him.  The age difference between Lorne and my boys is 8-15 years.  At the time of his disappearance, Lorne was 21.  The ages of my boys were 6, 8, and 13.  None of that mattered to any of them, they were BEST FRIENDS!

Thank you for all of the work you do to inform so many of the missing!

God Bless You!

Love and Miss you ~ your AD





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Lorne, me, and my boys at Halloween ~ 2000.

Lorne came to my home to share in a Halloween evening at Funspot. He also stayed to walk with my youngest in the Halloween Parade at school the following day.

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